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Are you new to Mediation?

Elements of Mediation

For beginning mediators with little to no previous experience in mediation. This course teaches the “elements” of conflict resolution and mediation and provides the foundation for all of Creative Mediation’s Advanced Mediation Seminars.





Do you have some past mediation experience
but want to jump start your mediation practice?

Accelerated Mediator Mentoring Program

For beginning to advanced mediators with past experience in Alternative Dispute Resolution or a closely related field. This course is customized and delivered based on the unique goals and scheduling needs of the individual.





Are you a practitioner looking to enhance your mediation skills,
deepen your knowledge of the dynamics of conflict resolution or
boost the effectiveness of your negotiation techniques?

Advanced Mediation Seminars
For both emerging and established mediators. Advanced seminars deliver in-depth information on advanced skills and concepts and provide a valuable source of continuing education for practitioners.





Do you want to launch a career in mediation?

Conflict Resolution and Mediation Skills Certification

Creative Mediation offers a certificate in Conflict Resolution and Mediation Skills. To earn the certificate, candidates must complete the Elements of Mediation course and the Advanced Mediation Seminar Series. This credential is the starting place for entry into the profession.




Could your group benefit from Conflict Resolution Training?

Group Training Services
Creative Mediation provides conflict resolution training for community groups, businesses and schools. Workshop topics may include Communication Skills, Conflict Resolution in the Workplace, Conflict Coaching, and more. For more information contact Steffanie Medina at (805) 549-0442 ext. 44 or



Is your group in need of in-depth training customized
to meet the unique needs of your working or learning environment?

Customized Training Services
Creative Mediation provides customized training services designed specifically for the needs of your group. Training topics may include Dealing with Difficult Clients, Effective Meeting Facilitation, Conflict Resolution for Managers, and more. For more information contact Steffanie Medina at (805) 549-0442 ext. 44 or



To register for a course or for more information, contact: (805) 549-0442.




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