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Success Stories

“I was shattered. A phone call from the police informed me that my teenager had run away and refused to come home. I just wanted to hold and love my daughter, but I was tired of dealing with the screaming and arguing. Creative Mediation gave my daughter and I a safe place to talk out our anger, frustrations, fears, and mistakes. We still have bumps in the road, but my daughter is back home and we’re talking…heart-to-heart talks like we haven’t had since her father passed away years ago.”
– Rosa, a mother

“My neighbor and I had known each other for fifteen years. Things were fine, until recently when we both grew angry at each other. I was mad because he didn’t keep his yard up and he was upset because my cat sometimes used his yard as a litter box. When my neighbor called Animal Control without telling me first, I lost all trust. We were referred to mediation and it gave us the opportunity to express our concerns in an open and safe environment. We now understand each other’s position. We made an agreement to fix the problem and to keep the communication lines open. – Stan, community resident


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